Have Faith

Leo Tolstoy once said:

Where there is faith, there is love;

Where there is love, there is peace;

Where there is peace, there is God;

Where there is God, there is no need.

I’m sharing below, seven-thoughts-of-faith to ponder where we can be able to reflect, think, and apply it on a daily basis or in any seasons of life.

1. Faith isn’t anything you can see; it isn’t anything you can touch. But you can feel it in your heart.

2. Faith is what keeps you believing in the goodness of others and helps you find it.

3. Faith is knowing that whatever happens, this power will carry you through anything.

4. Faith is the best weapon we have against fears, worries, and uncertainties.

5. Faith is having the courage to stand up for what you believe in.

6. Faith is the assurance of things that hope for. Faith is the answer to every question.

7. God is always loving and faithful. You may be shaken but not be broken… When God is in the center of your life. Have faith, faith in God for nothing can touch a soul that is protected by faith.

The larger our faith, the smaller our fears; the greater our trust, the lesser our doubts; the stronger our beliefs, the weaker our worries; the deeper our love, the longer we live! God is able!

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