Anytime is the Perfect Time to Put Love into Words

Sometimes things happen in our lives that cause us to stop and think about the things that really matter and the people who are really important.

Today, take the opportunity to tell someone they are very important to you. Tell them how much strength you get from their support, how much comfort from their caring. Tell them they make a difference in your life that you are grateful for.

The greatest gift you can offer is simply to tell someone that they mean a great deal to you and that your relationship is a treasured gift. Offer to them in return the valuable gift of love that they have so generously given to you.

You could wait until someone’s birthday to send flowers or a gift. You could wait until Christmas to tell them how much they mean to your life. You could look at all the holidays to see which one day would have the most meaning, which day would best express your love…

Or you can realize that your loved ones are special everyday. Tell them how much you love them every time you get the chance. Only then will it come close to equalling the love they bring to your life.

Remember that anytime is the perfect time to put love into words.

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